PDF Products Table for YetiForce

The photo describes the effort in making this new extension :D

PDF Product Tables for YetiForce is a bundle of ten plugins to define the graphic style of the inventory tables (Products and Services), for generating of PDF documents.

The plugins are under development and now in beta version. To be able to install the plugins it is necessary to have installed the PAD Extensions Manager: an extension for YetiForce that allows the management of Penguinable extensions and plugins. Management means activation / deactivation and configuration.

PDF Product Tables allows you to define a series of styles for each inventory module, specifying the columns of the table, their order and the graphic style. It is also possible to filter the products and services using previously created filters / views, with relative recalculation of the totals. Also for custom fields.

The style is defined through CSS properties. The limits are defined by the YetiForce engine for the generation of PDFs, but in any case excellent graphic results can be obtained.

Here are some usable CSS properties:

  • font-size (px)
  • font-weight (normal, bold, 100-900)
  • font-style (normal, italic, oblique)
  • color (exadecimal, rgb())
  • line-height (px)
  • text-align (left, right, center, justify)
  • height (px)
  • width (%, px)
  • border (only solid)
  • border-style (only solid)
  • border-width (px, mm)
  • border-color (exadecimal, rgb())
  • padding (px)
  • background (exadecimal, rgb())
  • background-color (exadecimal, rgb())
  • background-image: url('url-to-image') (absolute url o relative to webserver DocumentRoot)

To understand a little better the functionality and features of PDF Product Tables, the videos below help; good vision :)





Columns with style



Even-odd rows with style



Single cell with style




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