I have been using Typo3 since 2002, from version 3.x: it immediately fascinated me. A CMS different from the others; designed to produce products of the highest quality that can last over time.

Typo3 is not of immediate use as others of the same family: Joomla !, Drupal, WordPress. To create a portal with Typo3 a good preparation is necessary, both in terms of its structure and the use of TypoScript.

TypoScript allows you to configure Typo3 for our needs: a huge array that must be configured depending on the result to be obtained. TypoScript is not a programming language, but a configuration language.

A complex, but not complicated, tool that requires dedication and training before creating quality products. Products that the end customer, as a content editor, can use without any computer knowledge and with extreme ease. The tools and extensions, already available, are over 4000.

Characteristic to highlight is the extreme safety of the portals realized: Typo3 is practically unassailable, both for how it was realized and for the engine itself.

If you need to create a portal / site for your company that needs to last over time, which requires particularly detailed and secure customizations, I would recommend you Typo3; but turn to those who have been using it for a long time because it requires skills and experience far superior to those required to develop fast products with Joomla! or WordPress.

Extremely versatile and flexible with very high possibilities of defining the privileges of backend users. Structure of tree content with strongly orthogonal record assignment.

Numerous tools available for analysis and verification of consistency and stability both for the host server and for the application itself.

To enumerate only some of the most common features that can be implemented:

  • multi language
  • multi domain
  • multi site
  • GDPR compliant
  • blog
  • forum
  • more than 20 types of content
  • dynamic form creation
  • registration / login / user profiles
  • private area
  • customization of backend interfaces for each type of content
  • frontend / backend user management
  • cookie acceptance

Typo3 easily manages multiple portals on the same installation, every single multi-language portal, or a single domain per language. Already prepared for hreflangs in the header, very important for indexing.

The management of url segmentation to satisfy SEO purposes is very easy.

Typo3 has made great strides from the 3.x version to the ancient one: 10.x

The version I use today is 9.x which has really attractive and interesting implementation facilities.

In short, Typo3 is a valid and highly professional product.