PAD Textparser Products Table

PADT extparser Products Table is a bundle of plugins for YetiForce CRM to render tables of products/services and related records, in PDF templates and email templates, adding styles and formats.

PDF: PAD Textparser Products Table does not modify the YetiForce-PDF engine, but simply allows you to add graphic styles for the generation of PDFs containing tables of products/services adn related records.

Email: as regards the email templates, since the rendering is performed by the email client, the availability of styles is generally wider.

PAD Textparser Products Table provides two new functions to be used in PDF templates and email templates, to insert tables of products/services and related records by adding styles and formats.


Some features:

  • choice and ordering of columns
  • inclusion of values directly from Products and Services
  • barcode / qrcode function for single cell
  • pre or post lineitem row insertion
  • merging of multiple values in a single column
  • filtering of lineitems to be printed
  • style for each column
  • style for odd / even columns / rows
  • style first, middle, last cell / column
  • table head style
  • table totals style
  • style for each individual cell


Compatibility: YetiForce 6.4.x, 6.5.x

Requirements: YetiForce, PAD Extensions Manager

Language: English, Italian

License: GNU General Public License (GPLv3)


PAD Textparser Products Table User Guide


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