The ERP-CRM you choose for your company does not provide exactly the tools you need and that adapt to your production and information flows. Come up needs for customization with various techniques: integrated configuration, ad-hoc development or installation of extensions / plug-ins already available.

Wanting to find an ERP-CRM that does everything is understandable, but how feasible is it? Customization based on needs and analysis is the best way both in terms of costs and the results obtained.

If in the use of the extensions, downloaded by Penguinable, you find deficiencies to perform your work correctly, do not hesitate to contact me for a professional and constructive comparison: together we will find the solution that will do for you.

The customization I'm proposing to you is not just about Penguinable extensions, but also third-party extensions for which you have a modification license: usually all YetiForce extensions / plugins have an open source license, so they can be modified and used without problem.

Very important thing that I always suggest, is to keep the core code of YetiForce without changes. Modifying the core code may compromise the future update to new versions.

Sometimes the simple customization is not enough to get a good degree of compatibility with your needs: the development of ad-hoc solutions is then the right way to have a tool that adapts to your production flow.

Identifying the functionality of a new extension or plugin is the result of a good analysis and a possible restructuring of information flows.

An ad-hoc solution could involve interfacing with other systems, other extensions or even creating a tool designed from a brilliant idea.

The solution is the result of a marriage between different parameters: available resources, nature and purpose of the project, constraints, flexibility, time and budget.

It is never excluded, as in any change, that personnel will be trained and followed to better understand and use the new tool.

Do not hesitate to contact me, even just for a brief meet and exchange of opinions.

There is always a margin, more or less broad, for improvement.

Usually the extensions, third parties, installed do not communicate with each other: it could be interesting to create an additional extension that connects multiple extensions to reach a goal necessary to your needs.

We distinguish two types of improvements: technical and strategic.
A technical improvement aims to optimize the usability of the instrument, both in terms of interface and access to the functions. The strategic improvement has as its purpose the modification of the process of execution of the productive activity, even if limited to a small part of a very broad context.

New ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Contact me.