Some skills

Some of my professional life experiences ...

Since 2010 together with companies, in management, to improve production performance: flow analysis, company reorganization with ERP-CRM integration.

Eleven years of experience as a teacher in professional training courses, state technical institutes, Università Statale Milano ("Digital communication - Multimedia publishing: Typo3 CMS") and on behalf of Macromedia (Macromedia Flash editor / player).

More than twenty years of programming in PHP, html, javascript with the use of MySql, Apache on Linux.

I've always used open source software.

Some years of programming in Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe Flash.

Twenty years of activity as LAN and System Administrator on mixed networks: Linux, Window and Mac.

Five years of software and video game localization experience.

Four years in telecommunications for Infostrada and Italtel / Telecom: automatic process control, intelligent network configuration and testing / installation of Number Portability Italy (NPI) service.

Degree in Information Sciences.